Asus BIOS corrupted

I have corupted my BIOS on my P8Z77-V LX how i did this was try to update my BIOS via the BIOS EZ update utility which failed because it is not compatable with 32 bit i found out later. i have brought a new motherboard of the same type. and what i though i could so is just boot the pc with the good bios chip and then pull that out and corupted one in and flash the new bios via the EZ update utility with a 32bit windows. Would this work?

i don't think you can pull out the bios chip

I'v pulled it out befor.

if you corupted the bios the mobo is a brick RMA it back to asus 

if it's a removable chip do it to it. if not then you can do some soldering to unbrick the board wouldn't be hard.

Asus uses removable BIOS chips, but youll have to call them and get them to send you a BIOS chip for the board, so youll still have to wait awhile but its still fixable.