Asus B350 Prime Settings for PBO

I am using 2700x with Asus B350 Prime.

I notice if I leave PBO setting to “Auto” in BIOS I get worse performance in Cinebench 20.

I get 4015 if I force it to Enable.
I get around 3800 if I leave it to Auto.

I wonder why is this?

Edit: I am doing 0.05 undervolt on CPU to ease burden on VRM

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To my experience with Asus, Auto often means nothing more than Default and the default setting here is Off/Disabled.
Set it to enabled and check temperatures just in case. :+1:

I agree with, @mkk. Most ‘auto’ settings in the BIOS is another name for a ‘compatibility’ option. That the ‘auto’ option will probably ‘work’ but often be far from optimal. What the other side of the coin if that BIOS detects something incorrectly… and your motherboard doesn’t POST. :thinking:

Thank you for your replies, I really appreciate it. It really seems I am not missing much performance vise by using this board rather than more higher end one.

Just I wish PC bioses would be more user friendly. Often it’s impossible to interpret the meaning of the settings, and manual doesn’t even mention them.
Asrock bios had QR code which I could scan with my mobile phone for some awkward setting ZFBLK_CCL1 (AUTO). (not exactly that but something awkward like that) When I went to the website it said only: "ZFBLK_CCL1 (AUTO) controls whether ZFBLK_CCL1 is set to AUTO or Manual) Nothing else… ahh.
I am not UI designer but I feel even I could come up with better user interface. Don’t manufacturers have budget to hire proper people to do the job?
Or is it that PC builders are expected to understand such abbreviation by their instinct?

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I wrote about my experience with this system