Asus Anti-Surge triggered when USB Card installed

I recently installed a USB card, to get some extra USB ports. I will admit the card is a little questionable because I purchased it at a market.

After install all went well, my computer booted up fine and Windows installed the drivers automatically. The ports worked fine.

Then next boot, Asus Anti-Surge triggered and prevented boot up. I uninstalled the USB card, and since everything has been fine, no power surges to speek of.

I have the OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W power supply. My question I guess is how do I "fix" this? Should I disable anti-surge or is that too risky? I would really like to use the card if possible. 

It sounds to me as if somehow the device shorted out

Personally I would not disable anti-surge on your motherboard as it likely saved your motherboard from ultimate doom.

I would simply buy a new card.

They're fairly cheap over at newegg.

Yeah, get another card if you can. And see if your own one was the culprit. This is where troubleshooting comes.

Thanks, for the advice guys. Shame that it's faulty I got it for only £2.