Asus All Suite 3! made my PC slower?

I have downloaded Asus all suite 3, after I installed it i feel like the GPU is slower even I that I didn’t change any settings, then I uninstall it but I feel the GPU is still slower than before, did anyone try this software could it be the cause of the slowness in my GPU, should I format and reinstall windows??

What is your platform?

I run it and it is a little glitchy on Threadripper, but I do not notice any performance loss.

i’m using it on Windows 10, ryzen 5 1500x with 1070 gtx

If you feel that it is the GPU only, go into Device Manager>display adapters>right click on 1070 and uninstall device. Reboot, Install with latest driver.

See if that fixes it. Faster than a reinstall of W10 Check this out. I was having lagging problems on Windows 10 until i uninstalled AI Suite 3