ASUS AI Suite for P5KPL-CM?

Hi TekSyndicate, Corbin here.

I still haven't found any answers to my question, is there a version of the AI suite that is compatible with my older Asus P5KPL-CM board?  I really want to use the AI suite for controlling my fans, but I don't want to crash my system if I install a wrong version or something like that.

I use Windows 8 x64 if it matters.

Please help me out here, and thanks in advance to those who do!

Thanks a ton,

  ~Corbin Blanchard, owner of Nibroc99 Productions

Hmm, nobody seems to know about this...  Is this in the wrong section?  I Really want somebody's help with this, and it's be great if Logan or Wendell could answer since they've basically made friends with Asus over the past month.

that system is ancient so no its not supported, try something like speed fan, if not then you're out of luck