ASUS A55 - A good laptop for college?

Hey guys. So, this summer I used the majority of my high school graduation money to build myself a beast gaming rig, with the assumption that my crappy Dell (which I'd had since 2010) would last me at least until Christmas. It crapped out three weeks into the semester. So I am now scrambling to find a new one that will suit my needs (word processing, coding, web surfing, light gaming (TF2, Minecraft), skype). I believe I have found one that is perfect for me, the ASUS A55VD-NS51. Right now it's $600 on Newegg, which is exactly what I was looking fro price wise. So I'm planning to pull the trigger on it tonight. Is this the right choice, or can you guys recommend me a better one at around the same price or less?

My Criteria are:

1. ~15.6 inches (yes, I know its 1366x768, but I'm gonna be using it that much, so I'm fine.)

2. at least a 2.3GHz processor, and preferably quadcore

3. Must have a webcam (I have a long distance relationship, need to be able to Skype)

4. Would like a dedicated graphics chip, but its not a requirement

5. At least 4 GB of memory, preferably more, and preferably around 1600MHz.

Thanks in advance for all the help. And if this ends up on inbox.exe, hi to Logan and Wendell.