Asus 990FX Sabertooth R1.0

Got a pretty good deal on this motherboard used. It was an impulse buy for sure because I originally wanted one when I first built my system. After I bought it I realized it was the first generation of the board; yeah I know impulse buy. I have an 8350 and I know I can use this if I update the bios. I have an older AMD processor in the house so I can just use that to update it. I also have windows 8 and I know you can run windows 8 on this board with an update.


The thing is I have an Asus m5A99fx Pro R2.0 board right now and it runs like a champ. Honestly is this worth the trouble? I know if there is any improvement at all it will be negligible. I just like the Sabertooth aesthetically. It does have 8+2 power phases but I already have decent overclock with my current board. I bought my current motherboard new which is less scary then running a used board. I have no problem reselling it and chalking it up as a silly mistake. Just want some opinions.



I would say it's not worth it, the m5a99fx is a great board and basically only 1 down from the sabertooth. furthermore, the only significant thing the sabertooth offers over the Pro is the longer warranty, which basically becomes irrelevant if you're buying second hand.

Well in my opinnion its indeed not worth it, if you have a good running system now, and you happy with your decent overclock, then i don´t see the benefit of  buying that used mobo.

Offcourse the sabertooth is a better board, with a better powerphase design etc, better for extreme overclockings, but its allways a risk to buy a used board.

So  i would personaly not buy it ☺

Asus m5A99fx Pro R2.0 can overclock a FX8350s past 5Ghz its not how many power phases you have its the quality of them and the pro 2.0 has extreme quality digital vrms.

Sabertooth mobos are for extreme overclockers you whont see any better over clocks you can get on air or whater without useing liquid nitrogen on it.

yes thats why i said its not realy worth it, a  sabertooth would be a better overclocker basicly, but indeed you can  push a FX8350 to 5 GHZ also on the PRO.