Asus 7970 Matrix audio issue

I just bought couple days ago Asus 7970 and i have issue that i cant get audio off the card. I´m using DVI->HDMI adapter inc. in the box, but still nothing. I tried installing graphics drivers like 3 times. Tried to uninstall motherboard audio from bios and then installing graphics drivers but with no luck. 1 time i got it working when my TV was on when i started my computer but after i booted same continued and now i cant get a single hiss (audio) from the HDMI. In catalyst control center it shows LG TV don´t support audio... What can i do?

Well seeing as DVI does not transfer audio that would be your problem, you will need a separate AUX cable for sound or do a HDMI out to HDMI in instead of running it through the adapter.

Would i be fine with Displayport -> HDMI adapter? ?

Audio works if i take off motherboard audio from device manager and replug the HDMI cable. So frustrating, anyone got an idea how it would work like it should ?