Asus 770 or Asus 280x

Hey guys,

As the title says, should i get a 280x or a 770 from Asus (going to be Asus for sure either way), both are around $410,-. I am planning to stream, play all sorts of games and do video editing. Some advice would be awesome.

This is my setup:

i5 4670k @ 4.6ghz

8 gb corsair vengeance pro 1600

corsair rm 750 watts

asus rog VI gene

I know this won't make it any easier, but as far as performance goes they're about the same. Get the one that has software features that you want. Personally I'll be sticking with nVidia for Shadowplay and G-Sync, but Mantle on AMD looks like it's gonna be very awesome if more devs pick it up.

I have a r9 280x its great, but the gtx 770 is very compelling for the price. So look at what games you play and what programs you use and if nvidia is better for your use then use nvidia, if not then go with amd. Things are some what sketchy right now as these "new" cards are coming out then soon there will be new cards. So think it through look around and most importantly with any choice, there will always be something better in 2 weeks so if something happens dont feel bad just understand its guna happen.

Also take into account the difference in vram. It might not make a huge difference now, but games are using more and more vram and 2gb might not be enough soon. This is true with Skyrim modding. I've heard of people using more than 4gb with mods.


Overall though, the performance is about on par. If you are planning on playing BF4 alot, then you might want to consider mantle, and if you are doing anything where cuda makes a difference, then take that into account too.

Thanks for all the fast replies so far guys. However, I'm still doubting:P how do you guys think nvidia's shadowplay will be?? Will the quality be good? planning to stream a fair bit of bf4 etc.

Ive got a 770 phantom and with regards to Shadowplay, it is awesome, blows FRAPS out of the water

also, with the 770 you get 3 free games which you could keep or sell