Asus: 660 ti or 7950

Yes, I know there may literally be hundreds of questions asking this, but I wanted to ask here on these forums. I've seen benchmarks comparing the two, but with so many mixed reccomendations and answers, I'm finding it difficult to decide. I've set my mind on getting an Asus card, but I can't decide between:




Also, I will be using a single 1080p monitor for the foreseeable future, and i've the 660 ti is perfect for this resolution. Then again, the 7950's extra horsepower could help with some textures.

For the 7950 I am willing to look at different models, but for the 660 ti I'm set on the asus.

Now, with the new bundle on the 7950 for Crysis 3 and Bioshock (both games I will definitley play) the 7950 does look appealing, but I don't want to base my purchase of a GPU that will last me for a few years based on 2 games, as I play a multitude of different titles, as well as light work (mostly Adobe related) that may be benefited from CUDA cores. One issue for me as well, I can find no reviews on this model of the 7950( please link if anyone can find one), but have heard the cooler is phenomenal, and is quiet, although slightley hotter in some cases. I know both will be solid choices, but with all the debate between nvidia being (supposedly) smoother, and AMD getting better drives, I'd really appreciate some feedback. 

Short of needing CUDA, strict power/thermal restrictions (m-ITX case for example), or you know for a fact that the 660-Ti will perform better on a game you will play 70% of the time (Batman is the only one I know of) I don't see any reason to get the 660-Ti over the 7950. The 7950 is more on par with the 670, and the two games thrown in is added bonus.

As for Nvidia drivers being better, that's just fanboyism. I just transfered from a 5830 to a GTX 570 and I've played Chivalry on the exact same settings; no difference in perceived smoothness. Same with Skyrim, but the Radeon card was smoother, which made me switch from the 570 (and artifacting) to the 5830 in the first place. I'm not having artifacting issues anymore, but the 5830 was still smoother in Whiterun, with the exact same settings and mods, while the rest of the gameplay was more or less the same.

Thank you for the solid reply, with so much opinions and threads, it becomes a real challenge from someone with NO experience from AMD vs Nvidia to distinguish fact, from a fanboy, or maybe worse, someone who just replies "7950 no doubt" or "660 Ti Yeah!" with no facts to back them up, but I suppose thats a topic of its own. I appreciate the reply.

I am having problems choosing too thanks

You're welcome. I'm sure you're aware, but performacne between GPU's can vary from game to game, so if you really want the best performance for you, look up specific game benchmarks, as well list games you will be playing.

My info about 7950 being as fast as the 670 comes from Tom's Hardware, as their Hierarchy chart has both those GPU's in the same tier. If one game in their benchmarking sweet is different, it could turn the tide.

And, to be fair, Skyrim is an oddball in my experience, because the GTX 570 destroyed my 5830 in Unigen, and the 5830 was OC'd 875/1250 from 800/1100. I think it was like 34FPS vs 23FPS. Everything maxed, except AA and Tessellation, which was 4x and moderate respectively. I guess it has something to due with Skyrim being CPU bound and my 2500k @ 4.5GHz.

And Chivalry was running at a constant 60FPS due to V-sync on both, so smoothness is suppose to be the same, barring severe frame latency, which is really only an issue with 2-way Crossfire/SLI (see Micro-stuttering). Admittedly, Micro-stuttering is slightly worse in 2-way Crossfire vs SLI, at least with the Radeon 6000 series vs GTX 500 series.

Why not go for this badboy? It has almost has the same stock clock as Asus' "boost" and can be boosted way beyond that! I love mine :)

Again, solid fact-based reply, thank you so much for your input. I guess really, everything is pointing towards the 7950, and with a ton of deals being tossed around, I may have to reconsider my only asus mentality, if I find a sale too sweet to pass up, and I do think the Crysis Bioshock deal is a sweet little package. I also plan on doing some overclocking, and I know that AMD definitley leaves great headroom for a huge bang for your buck. 

Id get the 7950 if you plan on buying both of the games anyway. It saves you up to $110 dollars. They perform very similar in game. Here is a link comparing them. 

I stopped using Anandtech for GPU comparison because they don't list the drivers they use. Drivers make a world of difference, especially with the 7000 series Radeon cards. Just with the 13.1 drivers, BF3 can see improvements of up to 20%. Logan did a quick comparison of box drivers and updated drivers in his 7870 review, and there was like a 30FPS difference in Skyrim.