Astro A40 vs HyperX Cloud II (Music and Gaming)

Greetings Earth Dwellers,

So yesterday I bought an Astro A40 headset without the mixamp.

My mom needs a new headset, but she already loves my Astros. Should I give her my Astros and get myself a HyperX Cloud? Which one is better?

Both will be using a mixamp.



$45 Gemini DJ HSR-1000 (closed can = better bass) or $47 Takstar HI 2050 (open can = better gaming)
$30 VModa / $43 Mod Mic

or upgrade with $65 Philips SHP9500 (open can = better gaming) and a VModa/Mod Mic


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While it's hard to find opinions online about one headphone vs another, because a lot of people seem to like to ignore the question and just give their own opinions that don't involve either, I did find this site that would let you kind of compare them side by side. The A40 seems to get a good boost from the Features category over the HyperX.

Personally, I would say go with the HyperX, I've had mine for over a year now and love it, although I have never tried the A40, so take that for what it's worth.