This is so good


Ive seen this trending on US youtube about 2 nights ago and I must say I really find the clips very interesting. I’ve played a few WH40k games and it definitely cements the idea that I dont want to live in their sci-fi world.

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Its extremely well done, very enjoyable series so far.

Is there a write-up of the story and who the enemy characters are? I’ve read more w40k books than I care to admit, played all the video games but no tabletop whatsoever and I have to say: I don’t have a clue what that orb is all about.

My understanding is that the enemy are not canon and that the creator wanted to do something different.

As for the orb the only thing that popped into my head was maybe, just maybe it could be an STC AI.

Not sure why this was my first thought. Probably totally wrong.

The current theory that I’ve seen going round the net is that it’s the Yu’vath

As Episode 1 opens with the date 482.M39
which puts it in the timeframe of The Angevin Crusade

The Angevin Crusade officially Ends in the Birth of the Calixis Sector:
With the final defeat of the xenos Yu’vath and the Bale Childer, and the Exterminatus of their homeworlds, the final serious organised resistance to Imperial Rule in the Calyx Expanse ends and Drusus declares the Crusade to be complete.
Full effective pacification of the sector will however consume much blood and material of the Imperial war machine for a further three centuries to come.