Assurance with compatibility

I think I may have asked this question before, but I really have to know whether my motherboard shall be able to handle a new CPU. I dont plan on upgrading any time particularly soon but I currently have an FX 4350 in a gigabyte 970a ds3 and I am not positive if it can handle an fx 6xxx . Gigabyte say that it can support an 8xxx chip but I know thats not possible as it would just not be able to handle it. Anyone have personal experience or some knowhow that could help me out.


According to the cpu support list it can handle those. Check yourself for the list on gigabytes website:

Make sure to update your bios though!

Yes I know it SAYS it is. However I unsure that it ACTUALLY can with the power phase on this board. Ive heard so many people say 2 opposite things about whether it can or cant. Does someone know for definate?

I know what you are getting at, I would say but I dont know a lot about AMD CPU's and Mobo's other than Gigabyte mobo's tend to be poor on the AMD side, I would say wait untill Angel gets in here. Where is she... It will be dependent on the VRM of your motherboard though thats for sure.

Lets hope she finds her way here. I am just not keen on having to buy a new motherboard to buy a new CPU but my CPU cant cope with anything much better than a 270x. I want an upgrade to either a GTX 770 or 280x at some point.

I would imagine 4+1 is appropriate for the FX6300. Not ideal, but a suitable solution, nonetheless. Personally, I would have the confidence to go ahead and purchase the 6300. We both know that the board couldn't have much more than that, but I'd imagine the 6300 is fine.

That particular Gigabyte board does look a bit pants, mate!

Silence cretin, although the board is no longer even sold because it is so shit, it works, and I am nothing but a functional man. I get shit done. Thanks for the go ahead though :)