Assistance with Device Slot Compatibility

Hello! I am a bit new to this forum, so please bare with me. I am currently researching possibly getting an HPE BladeSystem c7000, but need to figure out whether the graphics options for this platform are feasible for my current needs. As it stands, I have looked at the following sources:

From what I can tell, the GX Blades are using a custom MXM form factor, which could limit compatibility. I was hoping to use a mix of AMD and nVIDIA cards for accelerating certain workloads (will be passing GPUs through to VMs), but the cost of MXM cards are still prohibitive. I don’t know if their are any components that can adapt HPE’s mezzanine/MXM slot to a PCI-e x8/x16 slot. I recently ran into this thread, which appears to discuss a similar topic:

But I’m not sure if it’s related. As such, I need your assistance. Is there a way to use PCI-e cards in HPE’s (Proliant) Mezzanine/MXM slot? If not, I may have to scrap the idea of using a c7000 altogether, due to device compatibility and overall cost.