Assistance Required

Starting from the following link, i need a gaming PC, absolute best performance, you got about $900 to work with INCLUDING A MONITOR into that, the case should contain all internals including one DVD writer, and the power supply should be 500 watt minimum no matter what, the monitor must be at-least 20 inch, widescreen, 1920X1080, and have a 5ms or faster response time with good quality. other than that do the absolute best you can, and make the most powerful gaming rig in budget. and a side note, it's not SOLELY for gaming, i'd like it to be a little more well rounded than PURE gaming, if possible. here is the link to start from, and try to keep it under $1200 TOTAL COST with monitor, case, internals, and what is already chosen. i'm only getting things at one place, and newegg has it all, so only use the prices from newegg.

thanks in advance guys, by the way i think the most intensive games i will play are PlanetSide 2, and Arma2/DayZ


edit: i forgot to mention that each individual part has to be under $200, as i'm gonna have to buy these all seperately anyway.

I do believe my friend Cosmosus would be happy to help you here.  I shall summon him.

This is what I came up with that were within the budget. Hope it helps.

And then you can overclock both your CPU and GPU for extra performance. Would recommend doing it so you can get every bit of performance from a build like this, but be careful when overclocking.

Good Job Eljiyx, only $15 over budget, OH and if anyone thinks they can do better PLEASE feel free to post up your hardware configurations, and i'll be sure to look them over. A lot better.

You may want to find money for a Tahiti LE 7870, but if not the 660 is more than capable (if you can find a 560ti/570 for sale at $90-$125 on ebay buy these instead).

I took the liberty of swapping your keyboard with a ducky shine that's on sale, if you had your heart set on the cooler master KB it's going to be a little over budget, if i were you I would also replace the mouse with a MionixNAOS 3200, maybe a zowie, maybe a steel series kana.


Also i've used that mousepad before and it's overpriced. It performs worse than a steelseries QCK+, and the QCK is what i've been using since 2010 so i can strongly recommend it performance/durabilty wise.


GPU bench if you're interested


good job guys, keep 'em coming, but i forgot to mention that each individual part has to be under $200, as i'm gonna have to buy these all seperately anyway.

That won't work for a high end gpu.

unless he gets an XFX 6870 xD

i heard that the 7850 is better than a 6950.....

that is false.

no, it's true

7850 is better than 6950

$700 build with OS and monitor

Ah i was looking at the 6970 :P. Makes no difference to me really, the real value cards by price range go 650ti, 7870, 660ti, 7950boost, 7970ghz, 7970crossfire.

nobody else? really? i only have 3 builds to choose from? c'mon i'm sure you gus can come up with more than that. here, i'll up the total cost to $1200 but remember to keep all individual parts under $200