Assassin's Creed Syndicate FREE on EPIC Games's Store

Every time I log into The Epic Games Store™ I get free shit. I fell out of the Assassin’s Creed bandwagon after II, but I’m definitely going to pick this up.

Just spreading the word.

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Oi, we have a dedicate thread for this stuff


If you approve of Epic’s shenanigans of snatching releases for their timed exclusivity, I guess its ok.

I’m still salty over their pullout of Metro Exodus last year. I really wanted to buy and play it at launch, but since I dont like the pre-order culture that the industry likes to promote, I decided not to buy it before launch. That would eventually backfire when they secretly pulled it out. So yes, I decided to boycott the game and put money where my mouth is.

On the flip side, the developers support Linux native games so I may change my mind once they release a proper Steam native game for Metro Exodus, but definitely not before.