Assassins Creed Origins high temps on 8700K. Is this safe to play or stop?

Hello. I have an question. In all of my games my 8700K got temps like 70-85C max.

Watch Dogs 2 ( cpu intensive too and similiar cpu load to AC ORIGINS ) - temps 70-80C

GTA V - temps - 70-80C

Call of Duty WW 2 - temps 70-80C

Final Fantasy XV benchmark - temps 70-80C

Doom 60-75C

3dmarks - 80C

But playing Assassins Creed Origins ,on Alexandria city temps are balancing between 90C to spikes 100C on 1 core. There is no throttling. And my question is can i still play or stop it?

My 8700K is with cooler Cryorig M9i.

Asus Z370 Pro Gaming. MCE is automatically ON with XMP profile.

So clock is high 4700mhz. Thanks for opinion

Dial back the clock and bit or get a better cooler. While it’s not likely that the CPU would get damaged, 90+ degrees for extended periods is generally considered too high.

Can i just finish game or stop it? Damn i want just finish game.

But if you said to me to stop with that temps i stop it. Nothing will happen or maybe yes?

Turn off Multi core enhancement and see how the temperatures are then.

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OK. 90C is not super dangerous.

But it’s also not good at all. For a game like this on this CPU i expect mid 60-70C.
So check your overclock, check your voltages and check your CPU cooler and FAN RPM’s.

What CPU cooler do you have in your machine? 90ºc is pretty high…

Not immediately dangerous, but you should get better cooling in the mid-term or dial back your voltage/clock if overclocked.

How did you set your overclock?
Maybe you could try to remount the cooler and redo thermal paste application.
Those temps are kinda on the hot side with 80°C +
Not directlly dangerous, but spikes well over 90°C are.

Maybe the cooler isnt sufficient enough for those clocks.
THat Cryorig cooler is kinda an older middle of the road cooler if i´m right.
4.7Ghz and up are kinda speeds that require some decent cooling.