Assassins Creed 3

ok so assassins creed 3 is on sale on steam & i want to buy it but i want to know if i have to play the previous games to understand the story line of ac3? 

Thanks in advance :) 

Not so much. I drop the AC series as often as I please, only playing AC2 and AC3 to date. It would only take a little light reading to understand some of it.

To be honest, I think the story sucks, as it does in most games these days. Play AC for the gameplay and the fluidity of the parkour. Combat can be a bit of a tedious exchange, but it is much improved over the previous AC games.

Don't let that put you off purchasing it. It is definitely worth the sale price on Steam!

I played AC3 without playing any AC2, and I had an awesome time.

I'd recommend playing them all personally. I did but for ac3 it won't mean anything much but if you want to go back start from ac2 at least to understand ezio's story