Assassins creed 3 code for sale

I bought my new pc and got a gtx graphics card, it came with an assassins creed 3 code and i don't really need it as i have the game, i was wondering if anyone would like to buy/trade with me.thanks in advance.


i have sleeping dogs and two worlds if you would take that

sorry man, i already have sleeping dogs, and i don't like two worlds, sorry!


I know there 1 in a million but I got Dota 2. thats it. haha

haha, sorry man i really would >.< but im a loyal League player! :P 

Oh, One of those.... Come to the dark side. You know you wanna.

oh you ;P i cant even add people on steam atm because im such a cheap ass and havent bought anything -.- *sigh*


If you still have the key I'll give you $20 for it

i got dirt showdown code if interested to trade for one of them games? add me on steam (TJK1512)