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Assange Arrested


So, when is wikileaks releasing the decryption key(s) for the big data dump they put out on all the major torrent sites to assure his safety, several years ago?



Several years ago, wikileaks released (IIRC) 1.5 TB of encrypted data to many torrent sites.

The key for this was to be released in the event that anything happened to Assange, as a sort of safety net.

Any government powers upset with these releases wants to tread pretty carefully really, because the data is already out there, and has been FOR YEARS. Just needs a decryption key.

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G. Zachary Terwilliger is the prosecuting attorney
Names of the players are important

This could make the OJ trial look like a Thursday at Traffic Court :slight_smile:

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New reports are coming out that Assange is being indicted for his role in conspiring with Manning to hack confidential systems, he is not being charged with publishing leaked information. The 1st amendment and journalistic protections are not involved here. If the DOJ has proof, and I’m sure they do, they got him.



Best outcome would be if he gets to Sweden and then prolonging takes it to 2020 and the rapey stuff wont be reinstated, and tada free :sparkles:



Will be interesting to watch :slight_smile:

Journalism is well and truly dead. It’s all clickbait for the win. L1 news and many other places have spoken about real dedicated journalists are not able to find a job and get exposure like the clickbait headlines do. Even the mainstream media does clickbait from twitter with no source checking.

Leakers are a critical thing for the people to hear hard data and facts. Of course the government wants to make them out as evil terrible people who should be shot !

Assange may be terrible at leaking compared to say our current moral leaker. Not all people that want to leak have the skill set to be a responsible leaker but want to let people know.

I for one want the people to be for leakers telling us the truth. The government will torture them enough to turn anyone’s stomach.

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WikiLeaks is like a double edged sword. It’s cut both political parties in the US at various times.

What I find telling is that most of the people in the US that were calling for and cheering his arrest are the political elites from both political parties. The average people who generally make up their bases both DNC and GOP are mostly neutral to supportive of Assange (depending on which side got cut last).

I don’t know all the details of the charges against Assange. I myself am mostly neutral about him. I appreciate that information that citizens need to know to have a functioning democracy are now getting that information, but at the same time there are many innocents that may have been harmed by careless leaks of info that wasn’t relevant or helpful to the issues.

That said, It most certainly looks bad to arrest someone for giving an outlet for whistle blowers.

I really wonder how he will be prosecuted without more government secrets having to be exposed or confirmed in order to make the prosecution’s case?



Secret court.



As far as I can tell, the last time Wikileaks posted anything harmful to the GOP is in 2008 with Sarah Palin’s leaked emails. So while that is technically true, it doesn’t accurately describe how they’ve behaved over the past decade or so.

Of course you could argue that Wikileaks doesn’t obtain confidential documents itself, they have to be leaked to Wikileaks first. We don’t know if anything harmful to the GOP was sent to them and they decided not to post it, all we know is nothing was posted.

What we do know from chats leaked in early 2018 is Wikileaks turned down posting documents harmful to the Russian Federation, and we do know that Assange and thus Wikileaks had a clear preference in the 2016 US presidential election.

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As police took him out, Assange screamed, “Resist this attempt by the Trump administration. The UK must resist.”

Doesn’t sound like a Trump supporter to me.

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His own freedom, unsurprisingly, overrides his political inclinations.



His own freedom, unsurprisingly, overrides what you perceive to be his political inclinations.
It really just boils down to who you trust more. The us government or Assange.
Really though it probably should be neither.



I never trusted the US government at all. Assange is just a flawed ape like us all.



Trump threw him under the bus with one of his outright lies (How many does this guy has) that “He knows nothing about Wikileaks” after praising them multiple times 2.5-3 years ago.

Assange probably never cared about him on a personal level and I seriously doubt he does now, but he does “favor” (I use the term loosely btw) the Russian Federation and they favored Trump in 2016 pretty strongly and Assange played his hand on it.



From all the evidence there is only one person that Assange cares about on a personal level; himself. I honestly think that doing what he did wasn’t about right or wrong - for him. It was about making a name for himself - a teenage hacker that never grew up.



If you mean the emails then I have to point out that the emails were way before, then they were kinda forgotten for awhile, like for 2 years, and I started to see that topic again after it was just about Shillary and Trump, with mix of that fainting stuff



Yeah but the emails wasn’t hacked until 2016.

The information from the emails may have been prior to 2016 but it wasn’t exposed until that year.

Personally, I would have liked to see some of them prior to 2016 though if I had known the DNC would play dirty in the primaries. But who knows how that would have turned out if the intent of the exposure wasn’t noble but to ensow mistrust and chaos.



Hmm. A double-edged sword provides both benefit and drawback.

For the PEOPLE, wikileaks cutting BOTH parties at times WHEN THEY DO ILLEGAL SHIT is a good thing 100% of the time, no?



We need to get the facts straight here.



No, obviously, because it was used as a tool by a foreign power.