Asrock z97m pro4+ 4790k overclocking

I am a complete noob to Intel as far as DIRECT experience is concerned.  I swam through the oceans of info involving intel cpu overclocking since the sandy bridge days when Linus ( ncix tech tips days) was a blonde with this backwards hat, and I realized there is much to consider depending on the board and cpu gen, etc.

Current rig:

NZXT Hale 90 m ( first gen) 1k watt psu, Asrock z97m pro4 matx motherboard, 4790k ( auto voltages) with Cryorig R1 Ultimate cpu cooler, 4 sticks of 2GB kingston hyper x ddr 1600mhz ram ( running at 1333mhz auto voltages), Samsung 850 evo 500GB ssd + 3TB 7200 rpm hdd, Galaxy gtx 580 ( until the r9 280x 3GB vid card finally arrives next Friday).

There are so many things in UEFI /bios to deal with it's making my head spin.  Please help, (preferably from someone experience with this board/ brand lineup coherent enough to this motherboard and this cpu if possible), and I thank you all for any reasonable suggestions including but perhaps not limited to the follow:

1. Things to disable

2. Things to ENSURE they are ENabled

3.  Realistic ghz limits 

Thanks Tek Syndicate team for all you do:  Pistol the Tact, Spanks, Albert ShutterShot, Wendell the Wise, and Logan the Beard as well as Tek Support.  Let's continue growing the Tek Syndicate name for PCMR performance and digital respect for all!  \m/