AsRock Z87M/Coolermaster N200 help

I just recently finished my first build with this case/mobo combo. my problem is with the location of the audio header on the board. It's placed in an odd spot and I pretty much can't plug it in without going over the PCI slot for my GTX 770 that's arriving today. Any suggestions on how to handle this are appreciated. Attached is the picture of the board layout. #24 is the problematic audio header.

Just run it behind the mobo?

Edit 24 is a fan header for the back case fan its not a audio header.


I can try when the card gets here later. It's going to be a pain any way I do it since there's limited space behind the mobo tray of the N200

edit: oh yeah, got them mixed up because I ended up with a lot of strain on the rear fan cable as well. Thanks.