Asrock Z87 Killer

is this motherboard ok. i am planning on buying a new pc and i think i am going to run a r9 280x and an i5 4670k overclocked.

i really recommend the ASUS ROG series of motherboards. dedicated sound cards will not be necessary because of the superior sound already implemented on the board. loaded with tons of amazing features that you should definitely look into. they are also red and black which look very good with the r9 280x. you could also color coordinate your other parts to match your motherboard and gpu. it could be an incredibly sexy build! if you tell me your price budget for the computer i can put a part list together for you if you would like.

around $1500 - $1700 australian dollars if need be


That Asrock board is a good board.

Also a good would be Msi Z87 Mpower. but this board is black yellow