Asrock Z77E-I vs EVGA Stinger Z77

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The EVGA stinger can support more air coolers because unlike the asrock z77e the cpu socket isn't right next to the pcie slot. Therefore, I would say get the stinger.

I personally use the EVGA Z68 SLi, a great board, only gripe was the fan control, you must have 4 pin PWM fans to control them, but not a large issue because my fans are quality and are not loud..

The Stinger may not have this issue, but one to be looking for if you wish to control your fan speeds.

I never really saw a point to controlling fan speeds. Why do people do it anyway?

Also on Toms Hardware, they reviewed 4 ITX motherboards and apparenty the Stinger is terrible with audio.

Well i suppose if you like noise and dust blowing around your case 24/7 that is fine..............

It has the best Realtek onboard audio chip available as does my Z68...


How many fan plugs does it have?

At 2:49 Logan says:

"We have some fan connectors around there"