Asrock Z77 Extreme4 loose usb3.0 header

So i was putting together my first comp and i noticed that the USB 3.0 header on the mother board seems to be a bit loose. The reason this conserns me is becuase i would like to hide as much wires as posible, but every time i pull the usb cord bach it seems like the header will snap of with it. IS this normal with Asrock mother boards? And what could i do to the cord to make it more flexible.The mother board is a Asrock z77 extreme4.

Sorry for all these dumb qustions, im a n00b to PC, and im worried that i might do something wrong.

I'm a bit confused. Is the acctual header on the motherboard loose or is the female head on the usb head loose? If the motherboard header is loose that's not right, and it's probably not your fault. If you can find a way to make it work stick with it... or you can try to RMA it, though motherboard manufacters and retailers are sticklers for physical damage. 

I do believe he means the female end. I bought this motherboard a few months back and that happened, amongst other things. I just RMA'd the board and bought a nice Sabertooth Z77. ASRock were dicks over the phone when I was trying to get a replacement telling me that I had done the damage etc. Never again ASRock...

I have an asrock Z77 pro, and i can tell you on my mobo its firmly connected.


The acctual header on the motherboard, like it feels flimsy.

So Asrock does not have good customer service? 

With virtual matrixs input I would see about RMA'ing it. If one thing is already going wrong something else is bound to from my experience.