Asrock Z77 Extreme 3 vs MSI Z77A G45

Wich is the best motherboard for the price? Does the MSI have SLI?

I would go with the G45 due to the Killer nic (which is only available on the gaming series) and the extra usb 2 ports.  I have heard bad things about Asrock's Extreme series as well as there customer support.  In regards to SLI on the G45, you should be fine.  If none of these features capture your interest, you should be fine with the Extreme 3.

the killernick lan chip is only availeble on on the msi z77 G45 gaming series not the normal G45, that is something to notice, but those z77 msi gaming series mobo´s realy looking great.

Oops, will edit post.

Haha its not a big deal realy, its just a bit confusing what msi is doing on theire z77 line boards ☺ the gaming series not more then just  a better looking board, with the killernic lan chip and soundblaster software on the realtek audio chip, for the rest its practicaly the same as a normal Z77 G45.