Asrock z170 pro4 motherboard problem

I know I am a new at this so I am asking how do you post without a power switch? This motherboard is the z179 asrock pro 4 motherboard.

Either there is a dedicated button on the motherboard (see manual) or you just have to short (connect) the two pins that are for the power button on the front panel header (position see manual)

With as small metal screwdriver that should work perfectly. But make sure your motherboard rests on an non conductive surface! The box it came in does fine! Anti static bags are conductive! though. The bare box works =)

I have a old cardboard box that I can use so ya and I have anti static foam on the backside.

Is that really a good idea. I consulted my manual and I can't find it in the manual what would it be under?

Yeah you can toutch the power sw pins from the frontpanel header on the motherboard, then it will power on.

Why doesn't my manual say that?

how do you know which pins are north south east or west?

There we go


Detail from the - you guess it manual (<-- this is a link to the manual) - page 6

The two pins labeled "PWRBTN" are the ones you are looking for.

I have my cpu power and motherboard power plugged in and I touch the 2 PWRBTN pins and nothing happens.

CPU? RAM? GPU? Power cable in the PSU?
What did you touch the pins with?

I touched the 2 PWRBTN PINS ram and cpu with integrated graphic

With something conductive (screwdriver) or your fingers? your fingers will NOT work.

So you installed these, right?

yes I installed the cpu and the ram. I also used metal needle nose pliers.

Ok, so nothing spun up when you connected the two pins.. no CPU cooling fan and neither the one on the PSU? - is the PSU plugged in and turned on? (in case it has a power switch)

Which PSU do you have?

evga six fivety GQ psu. My psu is on and I touch the 2 pwrbtn pins. PSU is plugged into the mother board and CPU power.

It was DOA. That is why it didn't work. I got the same one and it started up fine.

Good to know, then i lock this thread as solved.