ASRock Z170 Pro4 Chassis Fan Connector Max Fans/Power

I have an ASRock Z170 Pro4 and want to know how many fans can I connect to 1 chassis fan connector safely? What is the max power of the chassis fan connectors? My 5 fans are bequiet! 140mm Pre Wings 2 non-pwm.

What I found is that most fan headers are 1A. Each bequiet! 140mm Pre Wings 2 non-pwm fan has an input current of 0.09A and a safety current of 0.12A. So 5 fans = 0.45A input current and 0.6A safety current making it is safe to plug all 5 into the PWM hub without SATA power.

Datasheet says 1A on the CPU fan header.
Not quite sure if that is laziness on ASRocks part or the chassis fan headers can´t handle 1A…

Well, it’s working so far and hasn’t had any problems. The case fans most of the time run at or under 700 RPM.

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