Asrock x670 have flaw with sticker used

I just found out first hand how shitty the adhesive they used for the dimm sticker was. got in the socket and everything.

Be warned. They are rmaing the boards for adhesive and paper from the sticker being in the ram sockets.

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Seeing the reports and video’s about it, were you prepared for it?

Did you have toothpicks, scrapers, alcohol and all sorts of stuff on hand to work around it?

Any tips, like take it slow, dab lots of alcohol, etc?

Or, was it just a clusterfudge, and you had to RMA?

see though the sticker I got doesnt rip like that. its plastic. I don’t understand how someone managed to do that…

I couldnt get mine to rip like that. It was laminated. Doesnt seem a lot different than the power socket stickers etc weve seen pn other mobos so this was really baffling.

At least 20% was operator error imho

It is happening to most people. Bret from ufd tech mentioned it and had it happen to his retail board. It is a paper sticker with very sticky adhesive.

I used a dental cleaning kit. lol the scrapper tool for dentists.

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Might be a reviewers kit is different than retail? If you didn’t get retail atleast.

No, only a small batch even had the sticker because they got the bios updated to not boot slow. The ones picked up at the local microcenter didnt even have any.

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Either way it is a mess. I got mine from newegg. I regret not going to microcenter for my purchases. with that ram combo with cpu coming out as free for the ram…

And if you have problems wjth the board they will send you a new one free, so thats nice.

Idk how the sticker i have would even rip like that. Has to be a different type. So its odd for sure.

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The picture i shared was a google search. Seems like a common issue atleast people having this issue are reporting on it. And that is good that asrock will rma it.

My system is up an running. It just added an extra 30minutes of getting all the residue and paper bits out of the ram slots.

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Im sure its happening but i think on the order of a humdred people or so.

Google image search there are two photos from two people SHARED EVERYWHERE. rotsted cropped recolorized but idk they all ripped the same way.

Its unfortunate but i suspect not insanely wide spread. Maybe they ran out of the good sticker and diy pritnted stickers in house from the local office supply place.

Was your sticker laminated?


Bet they ran out of stickers and made some by hand like you or i would on a color laser printer. Big oof

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I just was kind of upset that it happened. Just because I knew it was a possibility and that it did indeed happen. At the end of it my back was hurting because i was standing hunched over messing with it for half an hour.

Yeah, that sucks for sure. Sorry.

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