AsRock X570M Pro 4

BIOS Update form 3.2 currently to newer. Purpose is to update to windows 11 and add new CPU: currently R5 3600 to R9 5950X.

What I have done so far: 1) Downloaded all relevant Bios updates from Asrock. 2) Prepared USB using this video as reference []. 3) Changing current bios to default by F9 and selection in Bios, and saving. 4) Checking ftpm is disabled. 5) Trying to install bios update after every step and get “No image file detected” message.

I am using a 32 gb USB thumb drive and I was allowed by windows to set to FAT32, but is the size too large?

Where/How can I find default settings for Bios 3.2 currently to make sure they are “really” set as default?

Any other ideas or recommendations would be greatly appreciated?

Thank you in advance: Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and a happy and prosperous new year! Most importantly good health.

We should always try to use USB2.0 usb disks, the smallest and usb ports (yours doesn’t have USB2.0).
Doing a cold cmos reset will revert default factory bios settings, by jumper and/or cmos battery off for 15m.
After power on the machine a message warning about invalid cmos/reset, enter bios load default save and exit, restart and go to bios Instant Flash.

ASRock - BIOS Upgrade Instruction Guide

This procedure should be done with old cpu R5 3600.

In Asrock board the original bios update file name shouldn’t have any issues using Instant Flash.

You can use RUFUS to make FAT32 or partition the usb drive itself in windows disk manager.