AsRock X570 Pro4 GPU Passthrough Setup - Help

Hello everyone,

I’m kind of new to motherboards, even though I have built a PC before. However I’m passing most of those old parts on to a friend and building a new one. And the last time I did not have too specific plans on what I want to be doing exactly.

I’m buying a Ryzen 5800X and I still have an RX 580 left over from my previous build that I want to keep using. I want to buy a NVDIA GPU (probably RTX 3070 or sth) as soon as the prices normalize.

I’m a linux user and would like to run a windows vm with gpu passthrough for gaming.
The setup I have planned is, that the RX580 is used by the linux system, while the RTX 3070 some time in the future can be passed through to the Windows VM.

Because of this setup I started to look into what I should watch out for in terms of PCIe Bandwith for multiple GPUs when buying a motherboard (who am I lying to, I already bought all that stuff way before that and am now hoping that I did not misbuy).
I bought the AsRock X570 Pro4.

Now, I looked at the specifications on their website: [oh well, I can’t include links. It’s not hard to find though]
and if I understand that correctly (I am really unsure about if I do, so please correct me) the second GPU in the PCIe slot 3 is “only” getting 4 PCIe Gen 4 lanes. “only” being in quotes here, because that’s pretty much my question here: Are those 4 lanes sufficient for a gpu like the RTX 3070 or even the 3070 Ti? Or should I maybe look for another mainboard?
As far as I understand the maximum number of lanes is capped by the CPU to 20 lanes, so the alternative would be each GPU getting 8 lanes, which should be fine, as I am using PCIe Gen 4 and that should equal ~16 lanes PCIe Gen3, right?

I don’t know I’m pretty lost right now and I feel like the more I look up stuff, the more I’m getting confused ^^
I was hoping the Level1Forum could clear things up a bit.

Thanks in advance!

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