Asrock x470 Taichi Initial thoughts and some Kaby Lake comparisons

Moved to the Taichi and 2700x a few days ago, this is just some initial thoughts and a Cinebench + Passmark comparison against a 5.3ghz 7600k and 5ghz 7700k.
Asrock x470 Taichi
EVGA 1070
16gb(2x8Gb) GSkill Flare X

Initial testing and completed build

Thoughts after a couple days of use


  • (This may be more of an application issue) Every application seems to read a different sensor so I never know what the actual core temperature is and it boils down to "Nothing is reading above 65C so whatever"
  • Booting takes 10-15 seconds longer than my previous 7700k build. Which I expected and isn't good or bad imho.
  • A pleasant surprise after my previous experience with gen 1 Ryzen, I enabled XMP and had fully stable 16gb 3200mhz with no additional tweaking(14-14-14-34-48). So props to AMD(and Asrock) for the improvement on that front
  • BIOS LED controls don't seem to do anything
  • Come on Asrock, why do you have the "Asrock App Shop" that just downloads other programs and not even the ones people want? There also seems to be 2 entirely different programs for controlling the on-board LEDS depending on platform that you can only get from the downloads section of the motherboard page. Also why are the tuning and RGB programs not in a single package?

  • All-core turbo to 4ghz(ends up being 4.025ghz) gets a thumbs up from me
  • I'm yet to do any heavy duty testing but it handles the games and common applications I've thrown at it well

General Use
  • I have to wait while saving a photo from photoshop without compression which is a bit odd
  • While I've seen that frame times in games are overall better than the intel counterpart, the periodic frame time spikes are incredibly noticeable
  • A minor quirk that's neither here nor there; When scrolling through folders with many music/video/photo files, thumbnails are slow to appear

Overall, a solid combo. Comparisons in replies

7700k at 5ghz and 3200mhz RAM

2700x Stock and 3200mhz RAM

The best way to really compair those 3 chips would be in 1080p gaming tests pretty much.
Still nice to see these compairissons though.

I’m curious why you’re having better framerate but more noticeable spikes. On my 1700, I get the opposite in comparison to my 6700k. I

I agree and plan to, but simply haven’t had the time