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ASRock X470 Taichi and Corsair 3200 RAM compatibility


Hi all!

I am thinking about upgrading to ASRock X470 Taichi + Ryzen 2700 and was wondering if my 2 x 8GB Corsair 3200 would work on full XMP speed. According to ASRock’s website 3000Mhz is the max (

Any chance someone has such combo and is willing to share results?




It’s going to depend on the RAM. I have a 2700x on a Taichi Ultimate board that I’m using an older G.Skill 3200mhz kit with that I previously used an a X99 platform. I couldn’t get the 3200mhz XMP profile to work but I was able to run 3133mhz and tighten the timings up a bit.

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I have a X470 Taichi paired with a 2700X and I am running corsair vengeance (2x16GB) @ XMP 3200. I just picked this board and CPU up because I wanted to see what ASRock is all about. So far its been a decent experience. The BIOS is not as polished as my Crosshair VII but I like the board overall so far and I am having fun learning the BIOS. I should mention that I am running the latest BIOS P2.0 (AGESA on the Taichi.

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Perfect! Much appreciated!



Hi there,
I see this is a relatively old post, but is the only one I was able to find that is almost as identical to my problems. I am putting together a ryzen system, 2700x with X470 Taichi board and 2x16 GB of memory. The exact model of the memory is " 32GB DDR4 3200MHz, Kingston HyperX Predator (2x16GB), HX432C16PB3K2/32, 1.35V" and with the latest bios v2.00 I am getting post code error 07 on the motherboard when I try to execute 3200Mhz XMP profile. I checked that this ram is not supported in the list in the Asrock website and maybe that is the problem.
My question is about this Delta9k post which made me thinking.
This RAM model number “CMK32GX4M2B3200C16” that you are using also doesnt appear as supported memory in the Asrock website, but you claim that it works fine with the XMP 3200Mhz.
Is it really for sure that it works fine, because I am thinking to swap the one I have with the one you use and call it a day.
Please answer at your earliest convenience, Thank you!



I am running a X470 Taichi, 2700X, G.skill Trident Z, 3200, two 16 GB sticks at 3200. I can get you the part number if you like.

Sometimes it doesn’t want to post and takes several tries before posting.

Keep in mind that almost all 16 GB ram sticks are dual rank (if not all?) not single rank. According to the motherboard manual, Ryzen 2700X single rank memory overclock is anything over 2933, dual rank overclock is anything over 2400. To get to 3200 I had to push the SOC voltage and RAM voltage. It is stable once I get pass posting, it sometimes struggles posting. I may need to drop the speed when summer arrives.

Make sure to run a ram test for 3 passes or so.



That is great, but there are some problems with your suggestion.
First is that I cant get my hand on any G.Skill memory , because in my region and country no one is importing them.
Second, I am building this PC as a Cad/Cam and 3ds max workstation for a relative who doesnt know anything about maintenance or troubleshooting, so it should be running smoothly with no post problems and fooling around to make it work. It should be spot on flawless. Also I am shipping it to a different city where it would be used and this is 5 hours away drive.
The memory kit from Corsair I mentioned is available from a retail store near me. This is why I was asking if it does really work no problem with XMP enabled without being in the supported lists. I can get it now and be sure that it wont pose a problem anytime ever.



I would stick with the official ram speeds for the memory rank for best stability. 16 GB ram sticks for a Ryzen 2700X would be to 2400 so clocking it at 2400 is where you want to be for best stability.



@ Teodor_Mechev
Yes, that RAM kit worked well for me in the Taichi x470.
Bios P2.0