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ASRock X399 Taichi / Fatal1ty summary Thread


Yup, but that basically counts for most Gen1 boards.
If you want the 250W tdp cpu’s then a Gen2 board is really recommended,
like the Msi X399 meg creation or the Gigabyte X399 Extreme.
Would be nice to see Asrock coming with new boards aswell

[offtopic slightly]
I’m not sure how great the heat sinks are on the Msi boards.
Since i didnt had the board in my hands yet.
But in terms of current capability the Msi X399 Gaming pro carbon should be decent for 180W tdp chips.
The only complain i have is that i wished that they used IR3598 doublers instead of IR3599’s.
Because the IR3598’s do load current balancing, on which the IR3599’s is just a dumb doubler.
But other then that, all the spec’s look decent to me, atleast for a 180W tdp chip.
For the 250W tdp chip there is the Msi X399 MEG Creation.


The Asrock boards are pretty sollid aswell.
So yeah they are pretty good choices for the money.
One thing that is also important to look at which TR4 socked is used.
Not sure if Asrock has any plan’s for GEN2 boards with upgraded vrm’s aswell?
But i’m looking forward to see those.
Because Asrock is going well, i mean they could create an X399 OC Formula Ultimate board.
With 12 or 16 phases, with 70A powerstages for Vcore and 10Gb/e ethernet the whole nine yards.
Wont be cheap, but they could definitely steal some of Msi’s or Gigabyte market there.