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ASROCK X399 PHANTOM GAMING 6 MOBO + Threadripper 1950x + 128GB RAM

Hello all,
I am new here, this is my first post. I happened to watch the video on youtube about “How Well Does 128 GB of DDR4 Work On Threadripper?” . THere is so much confilcting information out there regarding using the full 128GB . I found this 8x16GB ram kit Corsair Corsair VENGEANCE LPX 128GB (8x16GB) DDR4 3200 (PC4-25600) PC Memory Black (CMK128GX4M8X3200C16) (priced at $579 on newegg). it is advertised that this kit is compatible and optimized for the threadripper cpus - Will it work successfully on the Asrock phantom mobo and the 1950x ? What should I be modifying in the BIOS to get the full adventised speed of 3000MHz? . My build will be used for deep learning and signal processing, NOT for gaming by the way. I have been experimenting with other rams but never accomplished their rated speeds (3200MHz ) . Thank you

I’m running two 64gb Corsair kits on my 2950x, best I could get was 3ghz out of the 3200 rating. I understand the 19xx series is a bit trickier on memory.

I wouldn’t get too hung up over the clock speed of the ram, it doesn’t make that huge of a difference. If you can do 2666 or better, call it good.

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I have 8 sticks of B-die 8gb ECC ram running in a x399 tacihi/1950x Which I’m intending to sell, if anyone is interested and spent a bit more time than I’d like to admit playing around with ram overclocking in those early days. For gen1 threadripper you won’t be stable above 2933mhz with 8 sticks. The memory controller just can’t handle it (the same ram will do better in a 2950x). Some people can hit higher with less sticks, but I don’t recall seeing anything claiming to be stable above 3200mhz. I’d be highly suspicious of any claims with non-ecc ram, because when pushing ram you can end up thinking you are stable, but if you check the logs every few weeks or months you’ll find a corrected error that all the stability tests in the world didn’t catch.

That said, in practice once you get above 2800 with decent primary timings (~16-18) you don’t see much practical gain. Certainly not enough to risk corrupting a workload trying to push non-ecc to the limit. 2933mhz with 16-18 timings is easy and safe to hit if you use the ryzen ram calculator.