Asrock x370 Taichi Cold Boot Issue

Hey Forum New Here.

I am having cold boot issues with Asrock X370 Taichi, bios 3.20.

Dr. Debug throws error code F9 and down clocks my system after cycling 3 times.

I am guessing it is a memory issue.

G Skill F4-3200C14-16GTZKW Slots 2 and 4

Running XMP Profile 3200 Mhz. Restarts fine, I have run HCI to 350% with no errors. But as soon as I cold boot, I get F9 and looping.

Believe it or not I did do some reading, and I would like to try matching the DRAM Boot Voltage to DRAM Voltage, but I have not found anywhere in the bios to enable me to do this. The system is stable 3.8 Ghz 1.2875 V.

Can anyone help shed some light on the cold boot issue? I am happy with the system, just would like to fix this last issue, without having to loosen timing. Memory is stable with XMP Profile.

I will provide any additional information required.


I think I have solved the cold boot issue so far. I continued to search and read. I came across a post in some forum, somewhere (sorry I can’t give proper credit), but I had many tabs from several forums open) that I should increase the VDDCR_SOC to 1.100v.

So far on three separate cold boots, 1 of which I killed power at the surge protector and waited 5 minutes for a cold boot.

I have yet to see “F9”. I am hoping that this solves the issue for me. I was going to go as far as to flash bios 3.00.

If I have any cold boot issues, I will check back and post an update.

For now, barring any issues, I would like to enjoy this build, before I start to fuss with it again. Would like some gaming time, before I break it again.

Love Level1 youtube channel I am subbed, and it was only here that I posted for some help.