AsRock x299e-itx/ac with Thunderbolt?

Hello out there,

i have a x299e-itx/ac Mainboard with an i9-7920x on it - what a wunderful platform for an itx build…

Did anyone tried to connect a Thunderbolt AIC Card with that board?
I would love to have Thunderbolt ports for my Sonnet enclosure, monitors, etc.
But the board has no Thunderbolt Header on it, I was thinking of connecting the AIC Card with one of the m.2 ports und trick the board to accept it without any header…

Does anyone knows which card i should try (alpine ridge/ titan ridge) or how to trick windows/ the mainbord to properly work with the AIC?

Thanks Jay!

Welcome to the forum.

AFAIK that won’t work because the header is there for a reason. Those Addin Cards need a Thunderbolt controller on the Motherboard, the AIC is essentially just providing the connectors to the outside. Which is also the reason why every single TB AIC I know of has either a 5 or 10 pin Thunderbolt header that is supposed to connect to the Motherboard.

Anyone feel free to correct me on that, but that is the state as I know it.

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