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Asrock X299 Taichi vrm details.

Main vcore vrm:

  • pwm: ISL69138 6+1 phase “digital pwm” this is intersils first fully digital pwm.
    6 phases are being doubled to 12 for Vcore using ISL6617 doublers.

  • The +1 phase is used for Vccsa or Vccio for the Kabylake-X cpu´s only!
    This is because Kabylake-X cpu´s dont have a FIVR,
    so they need external voltage input rails for vccsa (system agent) and vccio (qpi/vtt) from the motherboard.
    The Skylake-X cpu´s have a FIVR which means that all the additional,
    input voltages are on the cpu itself.
    I hope this makes it a bit more understandable @wendell .

  • powerstages: ISL99227B 60A Smart powerstage.

  • chokes: 60A probablly.

  • caps: 12K

Memory vrm:

  • pwm: 2x ISL69138 providing 2 phases each for each set of 4 dimm slots.
  • mosfets: Sinopower SM7341EH Dual-N fets.

This particular vrm is pretty special, because its the first all ISL implementation,
that i have seen used on a motherboard.
And spec wise it looks very nice sofar.