ASRock WRX80 Creator R2.0 Thunderbolt/USB-C not working

I have a ASRock WRX80 Creator R2.0. The board is great, except I cannot get the 2 Thunderbolt 4 ports (type-c) on the back to activate. Plugging in any regular USB-C devices (such as a flash drive) to these two ports doesn’t work either, they are simply not detected. All the other USB ports are working fine. I’m on Windows Server 2019.

TB4 is enabled in the BIOS:

The controller driver and software is properly installed and detected in Device Manager:


Thunderbolt Control Center in Windows loads properly, but no devices are detected:

I contact ASRock tech support and they said the TB4 drivers are only for Windows 10/11, and Windows Server OS’s are not supported. When I mentioned that USB-C devices are also not working, they said maybe the ports are defective. The only solution they suggested is an RMA.

Is there anything else I can try before an RMA? I hate to return an otherwise excellent board.

I got the replacement board from ASRock today and swapped it in. It’s working great! Both Thunderbolt and USB-C are working. So my old board must have been defective. I did an advanced RMA (paid ahead) so there is little downtime on my server.

If you have one of these boards, I highly recommend you test the two Thunderbolt ports on it, before the 1-year warranty runs out. I was using my board for a few months already, and didn’t realize the Thunderbolt ports were defective until I needed to use a Thunderbolt device!

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