Asrock romed8-2t

Anyone know any release dates etc for this board? Kinda waiting for it since the other vendors can’t seem to offer similar specs regarding the networking and pci. Best I saw was a random post end of march, unless anyone else has other suggestions?

I’m guessing it will be special order, never seeing mass production or wide retail distribution.

What I don’t get is, why do the board makers produce things like Gigabyte’s MW51-HP0 or SuperMicro’s X11SPA-T for Intel, but for Epyc?

Is it that they feel they need to make it look good to grab what sales they can?

Secret deals they have with Intel.

I spoke to the folks at their Canadian reseller (Link Computers in Toronto) and they were expecting it for mid-April 2020.

Thank goodness Zen3 Epycs will retain the same socket and plafform.

April! :sob:

And I heard on Moores Law is Dead, that the TRX80 platform is not dead, and will be Zen2 Epyc silicon once Zen3 Epyc comes out. Argh.

I would stay away from asrock their customer service is atrocious.
My c2550d41 died and after couple of e-mail back and forth they ask me to send my rma request to a gmail inbox and that was a dead end… the company is a joke.

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