ASRock Rack X470D4U alternative?

Is there an alternative to the Asrock X470D4U at the moment?

I’d like to build a Ryzen proxmox system. I’ve been considering the X470D4U, but the lack of good BIOS support is a concern.

One alternative is a Intel Xeon E-2174G/Supermicro X11SCL-F, but I’d prefer to go the Ryzen path.

Ive been running proxmox on the x470d4u with a r7-2700 since the middle/end of july.

it has been great.

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I think the bug only affects the Zen2 chips. I was looking at the 3700X. It has the same TDP. The 2700 is 75% cheaper, but 25% slower.

It’s worth considering the older CPU.

I have just now tested my 3700x CPU with the currently available BIOs… did not boot. Emailing asrock support now.

if you are okay with a 2nd gen ryzen on this motherboard for now… then you are golden…
if you want 3rd gen ryzen on this motherboard right now… it is not working.

Unfortunately there is no AM4 alternative (yet?) :frowning:

Hope that Supermicro is going to release their version of the X470D4U(2-2T) sometime in the near future.

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Support (and the other thread on the forum here) said to disconnect power and clear cmos… that should get me past the no video output issue.

Report back later.

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good news…

it booted…

reinstalled bios 3.20 and then pulled the cpu to check the pins…

after putting it all back together it booted…

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Maybe try this:

See also:

In BIOS 3.20 not able to boot the F30 installer

This was taked about in the X470D4U megathread. The issue is with a broken random number generator due to bios/agis version that is required by systemd in contemporary versions of Fedora.