ASRock Rack ROMED8-2T OnBrd/Ext VGA Select Bios missing

Hi, everyone

Here are the components of my build:

  • ASRock Rack ROMED8-2T / BIOS P3.40 / BMC 1.24.00
  • EPYC 7443P
  • 2x Samsung M393A8G40AB2-CWE
  • Sabrent Rocket Q4
  • Powercolor 6900XT

I am planning to run Proxmox on this, passing the GPU to different OSs.
One of the features that interested me in this motherboard was the onboard graphics, which I was planning to set as primary, to avoid the OS grabbing the PCIe card during boot. In the manual, at page 48, under Chipset Configuration / Advanced, there should be an option ‘OnBrd/Ext VGA Select’, to set the Onboard graphics as primary. However, I don’t have that option! My screen only has one option (at the very top) called ‘Onboard VGA’ with only Enabled / Disabled options.

Does anyone else have the same BIOS issue as me? How can I set the onboard graphics as primary, so that Proxmox does not grab the PCIe card?


Worth mentioning that I have tried downgrading the BIOS to P3.20 and BMC to 01.19.00, but that was even worse - there were no settings for the onboard video at all!
I don’t have a VGA monitor so I am using a VGA 1080p dummy plug - but it makes no difference with or without it.
I have opened a support ticket as you suggested on Friday, I hope someone will get in touch soon.