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ASRock Rack has created the first AM4 socket server boards, X470D4U, X470D4U2-2T

I have a Ryzen 1700 FreeNAS system that I can’t wait to get this mobo in. I would love not to have to waste my x16 slot on a GPU.


Nice, i have been waiting for this for quite a while! I couldn’t believe that they hadn’t released one so far…

The board has a built in iGPU. So you should be able to do basic stuff on it but you definitely won’t game on this.

It uses the ASPEED AST2500 chipset with 256MB of VRAM.

why cant more motherboards have u.2 ports… ?


Cause you want it.

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if you want to get sad… get on newegg and search for U.2

You’ll get few results and about all of them are $250-550

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You mean for the drives? Yeah it’s pretty dumb. The only decent u.2 controller i know of is the HighPoint thingy I saw on STH a few months ago but I think that was $600 or something like that.

im talking motherboards… not nvme controllers… sorry for the OT.

Yes, I’m aware. That’s why I can’t wait for this. Right now I’m wasting my x16 slot on an old passively cooled Quadro.

Wow… I’m on a fucking roll right now. First with @nx2l by misunderstanding what he was saying and now you…

I’m going to drink a cup of coffee and take a 10 minute break.


I saw this come up elsewhere, and as a datahoarder this kind of thing definitely has me interested. Apparently it should be compatible with Ryzen 3 with a firmware upgrade. I’m curious what this board paired with something like an R3 3300 would idle at.

I think it was wise to just have normal 1G nics, instead of 10G. Pulled PCI-e 10G SFP+ cards on ebay are so fantastically cheap that it’d be insane to increase the price of the board by more $100-200 just to add one or two. It also allows people the freedom to choose between the correct choice of SFP+ or make the wrong choice of 10gbase-t.

It’s good they are being frugal with PCI-e lanes, ryzen doesn’t have a lot to spare. Being able to split the 16x to 4x4x4x4x opens up a lot of possibilities as well, but a lot of people would be fine with a 10g card and two cheap ebay HBA cards.


Can’t you get M.2 to U.2 adapters?

No big deal. :sweat_smile: Always nice to find someone on the internet willing to take a hit to their pride and admit they were wrong.

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Yes you can get them, they cost anywhere form $25 to $40 it looks like.


I agree that these design choices were pretty well thought out. This is definitely a board that is aimed at the home lab or lowend production server. When Ryzen 3 comes out you won’t even need a high end chip to get 16 threads with a good TDP would make a monster media server.

I’m excited.


I might look into this as a way to repurpose the 1700X for a home media server and compute machine for R when the 3000 series comes out. Any excuse to buy a stack of 1TB NVMe drives :sunglasses:


10gbr woul be like $50 preium tops $100

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Goddamn right. Only took me 18 years of adulting.


Plus 17 years of kidding??


Eh, 15 years of kidding, 1 year of infanting and 2 years of toddling.