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ASRock Rack has created the first AM4 socket server board



You can easily run a low end VM server with this board, a (rumored) 24 thread Ryzen 3700 and 64GB RAM. If you really need more then TR makes sense but if you’re like me and you only run 8-10 VMs at any giving point this makes sense.

I would love to be able to blow $10K on a beastly EPYC VM box but my wife would literally kill me.


Fuck 64GB unbuffered ECC is still like $700ish so unless you need ipmi this board doesnt make that much sense you gain igpu that you could probably do without 99.99% of the time


My AM4 server is currently running FreeNAS with Plex, several virtual machines, and jails.

Right now it has a Ryzen 1700 and 32GB of non-ECC RAM. I’ll probably upgrade to a 12 or 16 core Ryzen when that comes out and slowly upgrade to 64GB of ECC RAM.

Edit: I haven’t received the server board yet, this is just how it’s currently setup. Also bought some ECC RAM off the QVL list which they recently added.


Talk dirty to me…





Not exactly what I had in mind but I’ll take it.

@Altkey Please keep us posted I would love to know whats what.


Will do, I was just charged for it and told it’ll be shipped out by Friday. Not sure what shipping method they’ll use so it’s possible I won’t get it for a while, maybe even after the retail launch. :sweat_smile:
Awaiting further information from ASRock Rack.


Holy shit, it’s scheduled for delivery tomorrow. They didn’t charge me a cent for shipping either.

I was not expecting this.


Tomorrow is before retail launch?


One would hope. I’m still going to wait for a retail launch to grab mine just because I’m weird about warranty stuff.


So looking into the tracking number it’s a next day delivery from Taiwan to Utah. That could cost nearly as much as the motherboard itself…

Needless to say, I’ve been very impressed with ASRock Rack so far.


I only run AsrockRack boards when I can (2/3 of my servers are running them)


Holy shit. That’s impressive.

I also have an ASRack board that runs in my current plex server. Very impressed with it so far but I’m moving to all AMD in the future which is why I’m very interested in what this board has to offer.

Keep us posted!


Motherboard arrived about an hour ago. I haven’t had time to fully install it, but they weren’t kidding about it being a production run test; came with retail box and everything.

Something to note is the stock Ryzen cooler is “upright” now with the AMD logo right-side up. Also RAM clearance with stock cooler may be a problem if you have 4 sticks.


Man I can’t wait to hear about this. I’m seriously already plan a new server build around this and a Ryzen 3000 chip so hopefully I hear some good things.

I’m planning with this:

  • Ryzen 3600 (8 Cores/16 Threads)
  • ASRack X470D4U
  • ~250GB NVMe SSD
  • two ~250GB Sata SSD (R/W Cache)
  • 8x10TB WD Reds (pulled from those easystores)
  • 9266-8i
  • 10GbE NIC



Why not Xpoint for the nvme? (just ordered 280gig 900p)


I’m still in the planning phase. It entire depends on what is going to be around in 3-4 months when the build is actually going to happen.

EDIT: Also would Xpoint work on X470?


Yeah it’s just a technology like nand flash


I thought it was Intel only. Learned something today.


Nope the sshd tech using it was