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ASRock Rack has created the first AM4 socket server board



And 80 years for Ryzen 3000 series


Jeaus, I’m not THAT old!


Some more information from Michelle Wu.

I checked with our team, we actually have few(about 2~5pcs) PVT (Production Verification Test) stage sample on hand, which is the same as mass production version board. But no discount on those boards.
Let me know if you would like to purchase them, we can reserve the board for you.

Yes, the board will support third generation of Ryzen processors after BIOS update.

We will release new BIOS that support third generation of Ryzen processors when the processor is released by AMD.

I also got confirmation that if any of you are interested in getting one of these PVT boards feel free to contact her at [email protected]


I didn’t know companies sold PVT boards.


Neither did I.


Oh wow… I might be temped but what about warranty stuff?


That actually never occurred to me. I’m fine without the warranty, but I suggest asking if you’re interested though.


To be honest on a budget board i’d prefer it to be via slot. Why? What if i want to put in a multi-port card (either gig, or 10 gig or whatever)? What if i want SFP instead of RJ45? etc. Maybe down the line i want 40Gbit? More flexibility is good. 10G that may or may not be used is a waste.

For a lot of low end stuff (small SBS server, file/print/sharepoint/whatever), gig-e is enough anyway (assuming you’re running local storage). And if it isn’t… well, what else are you going to use most of the slots for (on a low end server) anyway?


I said it was a little sad, not devestating :wink:

Personally I have no current use for 10gbit and may never. Just thought it’d be nice for those folks who want it.


Yeah i get it. Just offering the counterpoint. Most of the PCIe slots in any of these machines are likely to be empty though, probably better to just take the cost saving for most and people who want it can add a card if required.


Ordered my PVT board, they’ve made it a pretty easy process and are verifying everything works before sending it out.


Very cool. Report back with your finding?


Umm Dual 10gbe, HBA, Nvme to pcie card (as the two on the board on the chipset)
That eats up all 3 slots


Exactly this.


sure, you can find ways to fill them, but this is a budget server board. you need to evaluate it in that context.

If you’re throwing “real money” at a server environment properly, sure - dual 10 GbE ethernet port, but storage you’d more likely push to a SAN - or dedicated storage box(es) running something like ZFS.

If you’re throwing things like dual 10 gig and NVME HBAs into the thing, you’re more likely looking for an epyc or threadripper. NOT AM4.


Out of curiosity, what do you think would be a fitting setup for a server with this motherboard that still fits with the intended low budget?


This would make a great homelab board


plenty of configurations:

  • an edge firewall: 1x 4 port pcie NIC card, 16 GB RAM, a single small ssd
  • an SMB file/print server: 16 GB RAM, 4x spinning drives in RAID10
  • a home-lab: 32-64GB RAM, a bunch of SSD for VM lab stuff

budget is relative…


Not true at all my current Nas runs on E3-1275v3 and that’s same level am4 my pfsense box is also e3 so both are am4 tier not TR. A VM server would be TR level


I’m running my FreeNAS with plex, deluge, radarr, and sonarr plugins, 2 pfSense VMs, and a Windows gaming VM on my Ryzen 1700. Unless you’re doing something like Zoneminder/video encoding or need the IO, AM4 is fine for a homelab/VM server lol