Asrock Rack C422 WSI/IPMI (Mini-ITX, Xeon, 64GB SODIMM RAM, ECC?)

Hello all,

Has anyone heard of this board yet, the Asrock Rack C422 WSI/IPMI? I’m looking for some opinions/critques on it as I may use it for a build at some point. It’s like the workstation version of the ASRock MB X299E-ITX, but has some major differences such as the option of running an Xeon and ECC SODIMM memory. That said, the spec page and the manual seem to differ when it comes to how much ECC memory you can run. (Webpage says 16GB, manual says 8GB).

Thank you for your time.

Well, you can’t update paper that has been printed already. So my guess would be to not trust the manual.

“DIMM Size Per DIMM - ECC SO DIMM: 16GB, 8GB, 4GB”
Just in case you missed it, that’s per DIMM slot. The memory controller is in the processor, so it should follow whatever convention the processor is stated to use.