ASRock H97M-ITX/AC & mITX Build

Hey everyone,

Looking to put together another mITX PC this holiday season. Prices are just too damn good can't pass them up and I love small PCs.

That is what I've put together.

Haven't ever bought an ASRock board on the Intel platform so I'm curious to see how it is before I buy. Seems to have decent reviews. Looks like only a 4 Phase board but I'll only be running that Xeon so i think it will be okay. 


BTW I'll be grabbing a copy of Windows 8.1 from the guy on here selling it for $10.

Also can anyone recommend a decent monitor? Needs to be IPS, 1920X1080 23" minimum. Height adjust would be a plus but not necessary. Something that takes up relatively little space on the desk (footprint) would be nice to. Monitors aren't my forte.  

that looks like a very well rounded rig  ... can do almost anything ...

Looking at that rig makes me want to go and upgrade mine.

I picked this up for a friend's build:

Pretty cheap, stand basically has zero adjusting but the footprint is medium-small imo.  Matte finish, so if you want eye popping colors, go for something else.