ASRock Fatality fx990 vs ASUS Crosshair? 



Do i need to use the crosshair in order to make use of 2133 ram? or just to exceed 2100?


my current build is looking at

im set on the CPU and GPU, would i have just as easy of a time overclocking on a crosshair? and it seems to be better for hybrid builds anyway, thoughts?


Should i downgrade/change my ram or should i up my mboard?

I'm sure you can get a slightly better OC with the Crosshair V Formula, but for the price, I'd go with the ASRock Fatal1ty. I'd think the Fatal1ty would run 2133 MHz RAM, but even if it doesn't, 33MHz is a small price to pay for $60 in mobo savings, especially at that speed.

And what do you mean by "hybrid builds?"

Sorry, bad termonoligy, AMD with nvidia, i consider it that way mentally, probally wrong.


im not too worried about price, is there any other advantage of the fatality over the crosshair? maybe in stability?

the fatality doesn't list anything larger than 2100 (OC) for its ram speed

Go for the Fatal1ty - I've owned it. Better bang for buck, more features for less $$$

Crosshair boards have always been overpriced for what they are.

SLI has been an option for all 990FX boards.

Like I said, even if the Fatal1ty doesn't support 2133, the 2133MHz RAM should run at 2100MHz, and you really couldn't justify $60 for 33MHz in RAM speed, especially at 2000MHz+ speed, were it wouldn't any sort of noticeable difference.

The Fatal1ty has a much better bang for the buck. The ASUS Crosshair might be better designed, and might be able to obtain higher overclocks, but you would be paying a fair amount for the ROG name.

If money is not an issue, then by all means, go for the Crosshair, but that money would be better spent on either a 680, or a fancy pants CPU cooler for OC.

Fair enough, my only gripe is that asrock boards seem to be too compact to fit good cooling in if you have all ram slots filled..

more ports. more sata, more usb, you get another NIC