ASRock Fatal1ty Z370 Gaming K6 Motherboard Review + Linux Test | Level One Techs

It's new you season, here come the Mobos. Back to our regular content soon.

8:00 -- Note! Intel microcode updates now seem to be locking the bclk on locked cpus to about 103 or less (or no post). So scratch that! :(

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Finally they removed the red from the PCB… RGB stuff and colored PCBs just don’t mix.

Of course. You know that means people will be distributing the pre-release UEFI boards + “gen 1” unpatched chips like they did with Skylake/6700K. Prepare for “COFFEE LAKE OVERCLOCKER SETUP” eBay listings with astronomical price tags.

Unrelated, it looks like ASRock opted for a different-but-same VRM for this board. It’s the same physical layout, but those aren’t the SinoPower SM7431s like the Fatality Gaming i7 and Taichi have. They opted for Fairchild FDCP5030SG PowerTrench fets on this board. Arrangement has changed ever so slightly in that the controller has been set closer.

Interesting moves from ASRock.