ASRock Fatal1ty X399 Professional Gaming Review + Linux Test | Level One Techs

We had a blast testing this board -- going to do a build with it soon. Dat 10 gigabit, tho. :D

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The music in the UEFI Tour is the same that Jay used a few years ago :smiley:

That video has been shot quite some time ago though, RAID is already out and apparently it’s pretty awesome :+1:



When you guys review motherboards can you take off the VRM heatsinks and post up high res images for people like Buildzoid to do PCB analysis? Just throw a Level 1 Watermark on the image and maybe require people who want to use it to link to your review.

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Here are the vrm details for ya.

Main cpu Vcore vrm.

  • pwm: IR35201 in 8+0 phase mode, so 8 true phases.
  • powerstages: IR3555 60A fully intergrated powerstages.
  • Inductors: 60A.
  • output caps: Tantalum´s.

Soc vrm:

  • pwm: a second IR35201 pwm is providing 3 phases for controling the SOC vrm.
  • powerstagesa: IR3555 again.

Memory vrm:

  • pwm: 2x uP1647P pwm’s providing 2 phases for each set of 4 dimm slots.
  • mosfets: Sinopower SM7341EHKP dual-N Mosfets.

Ya got pictures?

Nope but i looked at it, it has the same vrm as the Taichi.

The IR3555 powerstages are rated upto 60A at 125°C.
Those are pretty much the best in the buisness.
There are 8 true phases for cpu vcore which means a max current capability 480A.

Soc voltage has 3 true phases with the same IR3555’s so that means a max current capability of 180A.

This is one of the best vrm’s you could get on X399.


More vrm specs on X399 boards can be found here.

I need more thermal pad. We did that on the main site for the MSI boards we got, high res photos, links to the fets, chokes, etc.

Shouldn’t the pads stay intact when removing the heatsinks?

From a quick look I can’t seem to find the MSI pictures.

Was it in the video or from here:

These pages

Each article has high res images

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Had no idea that was a thing, are they linked in the top of the forum post here?

Do you care if someone like buildzoid takes the image to do a PCB analysis?

Only see like 14 articles or so, don’t see X399 at all.

Hitting apply doesn’t actually seem to do anything until I copy/paste the web address.

L1 secrectly making their own chips now :smiley:


@wendell I’m also having trouble finding the article, but as an aside someone on Reddit asked if the onboard NICs support SR-IOV. Personally I’m not knowledgeable enough to know if that’s even possible, but now I want to know!